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Advent with OpenLearn

Updated Friday 1st December 2017

Unveil the free learning treats hidden behind each door of the 2017 OpenLearn Advent calendar and discover some gems from the world of learning from throughout the year.

Countdown to Christmas!

We've chosen our favourite games, videos, courses, interactives and programmes as well as other festive fun for you to enjoy.

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Each day until Christmas a new door will unlock, so just click or tap the numbers below to find a new surprise to explore!

Happy advent from Mr Dickens

Happy first day of advent! Our first virtual gift to you is a podcast series about 'the man who invented Christmas', the author Charles Dickens


Jetting off for Christmas?

Lucky you! Learn about the social world of the airport in our free course 'Passports: identity and airports'.


Never mind the Christmas films...

Tune into some groundbreaking filming along with the dulcet tones of Sir David Attenborough in our spellbinding co-production Blue Planet II at 8pm on BBC One


Want to buy your child a tablet for Christmas?

Learn about the potential benefits and limitations of tablets and smart phones in our free course 'Childhood in the digital age'.


Looking forward to game time this Christmas?

Instead of Monopoly why not try a challenge for your brain instead? Check out Perplex, for some immersive and interactive puzzles.


Don't be a Scrooge!

Buying Christmas presents on a credit card can be a great way to build up your credit rating. Find out more in our free course 'Managing My Money for Young Adults'.


Planning a festive trip?

Check out some stunning art works in various museums and galleries, or explore them for free in our Travelling Objects interactive tour and quiz.


Doing all your Christmas shopping online?

Stay secure with our free course 'Introduction to cyber security: stay safe online'.


Go where even Santa doesn't go

Santa may deliver presents to billions of people on Earth but he is yet to explore the depths of the oceans... but you can in our Ocean Explorer game.


Already thinking about a New Year’s resolution?

You could spread some Christmas cheer and volunteer. Find out more in our free course 'Introducing the voluntary sector'.


Going to post your Christmas party pics?

You may want to have a rethink before posting anything on social media. Find out if you're a safe sharer with the Ministry of Sharing.


Thinking about buying a child a book for Christmas?

There are some great examples in our free course 'Exploring books for children: words and pictures'.


Ever heard of Plygain?

It's a Welsh tradition where men sing from 3-6am on Christmas Day. Explore Welsh culture and language in our interactive, Hafan.


Sick of all the Christmas TV?

Check out the last episode of our co-production Blitz: The Bombs That Changed Britain instead.


Hoping for a snowy Christmas?

This remains to be seen, but you can learn how meteorological observations are made in our free course Watching the Weather.


Spread some Christmas kindness

See if you can help four people experiencing personal challenges in our interactive A Support Net.


Go back to a time before Christmas

Check out our two minute versions of Homer's epic tales Iliad and Odyssey in our Troy Story animations.


Got some new tech on your Christmas list?

Explore the first video game, the launch of the iPhone and more in our timeline: The History of technology and Silicon Valley.


Enjoyed the John Lewis Christmas advert?

Find out more about their business model. Explore employee ownership with Supreme Streets.


Need to de-stress?

Rushing around buying last minute Christmas gifts can be stressful. Try Journeying through Wellbeing.


Got a star on top of your tree?

Find out about the other stars out there and their evolution with this free course, Comparing Stars.


Are your kids already eating lots of chocolate?

Find out how junk food marketers target children online with ourJunk Food Marketing hub.


Excited for the Xmas Dr Who?

Discover why, despite showing compassion to all creatures across space and time, the Doctor is prone to a Christmas turkey in our article Why isn't Doctor Who a Vegan?


Got some down time over Christmas?

Check out all our FREE courses so you can gain new knowledge or skills for 2018. Merry Christmas!


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