Creative commons image Credit: The Open University To accompany the BBC TV series Child of Our Time 2013, you can order a 'Becoming a Teenager' booklet containing information about:

  • Twenty-first century families Mum, dad and 2.4 children isn't the typical family composition in the UK any more. How are families changing?
  • Friendship As young people grow up, parents can feel that their child is more interested in talking and socialising with friends than with them. What are the tensions, and how do they form part of the growing up process?
  • Resilience What are factors that help young people resist or bounce back from adversity?
  • Bereavement Death is a natural and inevitable part of life—how are children and young people been exposed to the reality of death, and how has it changed?
  • Changing childhoods Social networking, online gaming, staying safe online... young people today have different opportunities and risks than in the past. What can parents do to understand more?

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