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David Haines on lessons to be learned from Germany's economy

Updated Thursday 10th March 2011

"Germany prides itself on its education system"


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Copyright open university


The apprenticeship programme, in terms of education, is something that Germany prides itself on, and I do think that in many ways is something that the UK could possibly learn.  Very few people leave German schools without an education, without a follow-on further education opportunity, and those that do go into these formal apprenticeships.  It can be a formal apprenticeship to be a banker, a baker, a carpenter, it doesn’t really matter.  And those that don’t go to university, I think the majority, it’s fair to say, go into these formal apprenticeship programmes, and I think that that bodes well for the workforce later.  It’s a two or three year programme, and in many ways the word apprenticeship actually doesn’t do the system justice, it’s much deeper than that.


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