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Mike Norris on the right time to launch

Updated Thursday 3rd March 2011

"In the IT industry, it's close behind fashion"


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Copyright The Open University


Mike Norris

I think it depends what that product or service is.  There are things that are in vogue, out of vogue with certain market conditions.  If you'd have wanted to launch Cloud services three years ago in the IT sector people would have wondered what you were talking about, whereas now if you're not releasing Cloud services you're a bit strange.  So coming from the technology industry, it’s probably close behind fashion in terms of people changing their views on different things, and it certainly moves fairly quickly.  I think if you’ve got the right product, or the right service that fulfils a customer need, then it’s never a wrong time.  I think the most important thing is really, really believe in the customer need, and you’ve got to make sure people want what you are going to sell, I mean really want it, not just say they want it but really want it.


When is the right time to launch?


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