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OU on the BBC: Eyewitness

Updated Sunday 3rd April 2011

Can you trust your memory? Eyewitness explores the fallibility of human memory in witness testimony.

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Many of us will be a witness to a violent crime at least once in our lifetime. The police will require us to give a statement describing the event in detail. But recalling it won’t be easy because our memory plays tricks on us. Eyewitness statements can’t always be relied on.

Eyewitness is an audacious and groundbreaking three part series, made by the BBC in collaboration with Greater Manchester Police. The programmes explore the fallibility of human memory in witness testimony, by creating eyewitnesses and looking at real life cases crucial to the eyewitness story, as well as looking behind the scenes of the series and finding out more about the experts and their work.

First broadcast: Sunday 18 Apr 2010 on BBC TWO; you can see Eyewitness again on BBC Four, Sunday 3rd April, 2011 at 11.00pm.


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