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OU on the BBC: Greek and Latin Voices - About the series

Updated Thursday 6th December 2007

BBC Radio 3's The Essay strand explores the origins of Western culture.

Statue of a Roman woman Copyrighted image Icon Copyright:

Greek and Latin Voices is for all listeners who want to know more about the literature which underpins Western civilisation.

Each week, in four lively, accessible and highly illustrated nightly programmes, a combination of scholars, writers and passionate classicists of every persuasion, explore various aspects of the author in question. Listeners don't have to already be experts in the field to enjoy the programmes - no specialist knowledge is assumed, but even for those familiar with the works, these vibrant reappraisals have much to offer.

The series will feature a range of contributors - including poets, scholars, writers and broadcasters - giving their own personal perspectives on Greek and Latin texts and making them relevant to today by exploring enduring themes such as war, love, death and heroism.

Each week, a different writer will be explored through comparisons to contemporary life, examinations of core themes and colourful personal anecdotes. Readings in translation will be given as well as tasters of original Greek and Latin.

Professor Chris Pelling introduces the Greek programmes while Professor Maria Wyke will be taking control of the Latin editions.


Greek writers

Chris Pelling Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Chris Pelling Homer 8th/9th century BC
Thucydides c460 BC -c404 BC
Euripides c484 BC - 406 BC
Sappho c600 BC
Herodotus 484? BC - c425 BC
Plato c428 BC - c348 BC

Latin writers

Maria Wyke Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Maria Wyke Horace 65 BC - 8 BC
Augustine 354 - 430
Tacitus 56 - 120
Juvenal 55-130
Cicero 106 BC - 43 BC
Virgil 70 BC - 19 BC



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