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Updated Wednesday 18th January 2006

Ever wondered about the monument you pass everyday? Are you curious about a place name or discovered a hidden passageway in your house? Ever thought where it all might lead?

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Whether you've a mystery of your own or hit a dead end after years of your own local historical investigating, History Mysteries may provide the answer you've been looking for.

Each programme follows the story of a historical mystery, revealing our national past buried in the local present, the small detail shown in the wider context, fastidiously sorting local fact from fiction.

Our experienced team of sleuths - Jonathan Foyle, historian of architecture, art and culture; Miranda Krestovnikoff, a specialist in natural history; and Nick Barratt, a historian and archivist - investigate when, where and why an event occured.

The series also shows you what you need to equip yourself to begin your own investigations. With the tools to navigate your way through archives and teach you the language needed to interpret architectural buildings and landscapes, 'History Mysteries' is DIY history, giving you the tools and tricks of the trade to piece together your own local history.


History Mysteries in more depth:


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