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Reith 2005: The Triumph of Technology - Innovation and management

Updated Thursday 14th September 2006

Innovation has gone global - but universities need to keep up, says Lord Broers in the third of the Reith Lectures.

In his third lecture, Lord Broers turns his attention to the way technology, and in particular technological innovation, is managed and marketed.

He believes that the market is the best regulator and those who develop technologies without taking the customer into account are asking for trouble.

Taking the example of the Airbus aircraft, Broers suggests that product development has become a global affair.

Universities come in for particular criticism as, despite their strengths in fundamental research, the academic mindset isn't able to focus sufficiently on product development.

Airbus A380 [Image: CmdrCord under CC-BY-NC-SA licence] Creative commons image Icon CmdrCord via Flickr under Creative-Commons license
Airbus A380 [Image: CmdrCord under CC-BY-NC-SA licence]

Our Experts' Responses

You can listen to the lecture, or read a transcript, on the BBC Radio 4 website.

First broadcast: Wednesday 6 Apr 2005 on BBC Radio 4

Reith 2005: The Triumph of Technology in more depth:


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