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OU on the BBC: Sound of Life - The Song of the Earth

Updated Thursday 15th July 2004

Experience a magical journey through one day of the planet's life, through sound: Join Aubrey as he listens to the song of the Earth.

Nature tunes up - a thunderstorm viewed from space. Image: NASA-Johnson Space Center Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: NASA This series has been an informative, revelatory and important examination of the Sound of Life, and ultimately why the planet sounds the way it does.

Aubrey has travelled the world, taking us back to the dawn of time, down the the depths of the oceans, and behind the mysteries of animal communication.

In this final programme, Professor Aubrey Manning introduces a celebration of the song of the Earth, visiting some of the acoustic hotspots around the world and eavesdropping on some of the Earth’s most evocative sounds. This is a journey through a day in the sound of the planet; a symphony celebrating the Sound of Life.

First broadcast: Monday 26 Jul 2004 on BBC Radio 4


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