The Bottom Line - Connections and calls

Stephanie Flanders asks her CEO guests about how the hyperconnected world is changing their business - and if you should bet on a hunch.

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  • Duration 5 mins
  • Updated Saturday 19th February 2011
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Rita Clifton Copyrighted image Copyright: BBC

This week, Stephanie and her panel of top executives discuss hyperconnectivity - the idea that there are more devices in use around the world than there are people actually using them. How do the panel cope with the sheer mass of incoming information, and devices to carry it? Does more technology mean better communication, or just less time to think?

They also talk about the role of intuition in making important decisions. Is there still room in modern business for the good old-fashioned hunch, or do decisions these days always need to be backed up by solid analysis?

Stephanie is joined in the studio by Dominic Taylor, chief executive of payment services company PayPoint; Rita Clifton, chairman of branding consultancy Interbrand; Sir Michael Rake, chairman of telecoms company BT Group.

This week's Bottom Line on BBC Radio 4 can be heard on Saturday 19th February; listen again online. The TV version can be seen on BBC News Channel - transmission and iPlayer details are on

Stephanie's guests on... intuition versus planning

Stephanie's guests on... technology changing business

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