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History Mysteries: Puzzle at the palace

Updated Wednesday 18th January 2006

Careful detective work by the History Mysteries team confirms the site of the palace of Llewellyn, the last Welsh Prince of Wales.

Nick and Miranda with historical documents Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Used with permission

Kathryn Gibson, owner of Pen y Bryn, has spent many years establishing a link between her house and Llewellyn, the last Welsh Prince of Wales. But she has never been able to find conclusive proof. Solving this mystery could rewrite the history books.

Nick is looking for a link between the house and Llewellyn in the National Archives. Jonathan goes to explore the site where local archaeologists believe Llewellyn’s palace stood. Miranda meets a local historian Spencer Smith who also believes the palace was at the Motte and has a very different theory about Kathryn’s house.

Jonathan spends the majority of his time exploring the house to find evidence of the 13th Century. A medieval measuring system and an external window give him his first clues.

Nick has moved to Wales to search archives and Miranda is mapping out the land of Pen y Bryn with local surveyor Malcolm Hughes. Jonathan measures the whole house and makes a startling discovery that convinces him it is on a medieval site.

Miranda meets a local Bard to learn more about the history surrounding the Pen y Bryn. She moves onto Caenarfon Castle to learn about the difference between Welsh and English castle building. In the archives Nick finds the crucial evidence that proves that Kathryn is right. Pen y Bryn was the site of Llewellyn’s Palace.

How will Kathryn feel about this extraordinary revelation?


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