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Protecting Our Children: Video extras 4 - 7

Updated Thursday 16th February 2012

 Balancing diaries, offering assistance, signs to watch out for and making visits.


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Cassie: It makes more sense for us to do the joint visit together, I agree with you on that one.

When did you want to visit?

I don't think we could leave it too long, to be honest.

Um... I dunno... next week?

What about the week after?

Ooh... No, I'm not in this Friday, sorry.

Yep, I've got the Wednesday or the Thursday. Of next week.

No, the second and the third.

What about Monday the seventh? Yeah, that's fine at the minute.

Mmm-hmm. It's a bit of an odd time for me, but is that the only time you're free?

So, the week... can we just put a time in the minute? Is that the week... um... when I said it was a funny time you said 'what about the week after' or did you mean the week the seventh to the eleventh?

No, not on the tenth. This is a nightmare. No... Wednesday the ninth? Oh, actually, I'm in court.

Um... right, let's go for the week after. Week the fourteenth, March the fourteenth?

Shall we do a ten o'clock... a nine-thirty? I'll meet you there.

Social work assistance

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There are lots of small tasks that you end up doing as a social worker, that you could actually… You don’t need a qualified social worker to do, like take, for example you may end up taking somebody to Argos to get a, a bed or you know, and, and that again isn’t really a social work qualified job, you know and I’m not saying that you sh..., you know it’s not that we’ve got an issue with doing it that’s, you know, I’d quite like to, I’d rather go and take a, take somebody to Argos and buy a bed it’s just that when, in the grand scheme of what else you’ve got to do it just seems ridiculous to be spending your time doing that when you’ve got other really, you know like a court report to write.

al workers, lower case loads, then we could go out into the community and spend more time with the families. Um, and. More social work assistance or, or, or people who can be employed in a role where they can carry out tasks that a social worker doesn’t necessarily have to carry out. You know we spend huge, huge amounts of time ordering and booking taxis.


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Cassie: First of all you walk into the house, and you want to know it’s at an acceptable standard, you know, that it’s safe as well as like, depending on the children’s ages you want to see safety gates.

If there are dogs and things and cats, that the litter trays aren’t just on the floor and like, toddlers aren’t able to just get hold of it.

Umm… you look for lots of different things you know um, evidence for drugs or alcohol depending on the case.

I always check, you know, that the children have got, that there are enough beds, that they’ve got enough bedding. That you know, the sheets and blankets are clean, that there’s food, there’s food in the house.

You, You’ll, we always try to see on the initial visit, we always want to see the child with the parents and how they interact and what their relationships like. Um, lots of things, but it very much depends on what you’re going out, you know, or the referral, what the referral is, what the type of, you know, whether its domestic violence, is it drugs? Is it um neglect? Or emotional abuse?


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Cassie: You just end up going out, without any opinion. You just go in thinking this could be anything.

Rather than, when you, I don’t know, like for instance when I first started, I’d go out thinking aww, you know, this might be really difficult.

Yeah, now I just go out thinking I don’t know what it’s going to be. It could be either, and it can be quite exciting in some respects.

Um, and in others it can be a little bit, daunting, depending on what you walk into really.

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