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Brexiting - Culture

Updated Thursday 25th May 2017

How is Brexit a question of culture, identity and meaning? Learn more with The Open University's Brexiting Hub.

A concept image for culture. An illustration of people protesting and discussing a range of things. Creative commons image Icon The Open University under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license

The views expressed on OpenLearn’s Brexiting Hub are those of their author and not of The Open University. For more information on Brexit, The UK in a Changing Europe is an independent, impartial reference point for expert knowledge on Brexit and UK-EU relations.

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Society, Politics & Law 

The 1979 General Election in Scotland: A Highpoint for Thatcher and the Tories?

Gerry Mooney discusses the long shadow that Margaret Thatcher still casts over Scottish politics.

OpenLearn Scotland Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Used with permission free course icon Level 1 icon

Society, Politics & Law 

OpenLearn Scotland

This free course, OpenLearn Scotland, is intended to be of interest not only to people living in Scotland, but to anyone wishing to know more about Scottish society and culture. It brings together a collection of free educational resources relevant to Scotland. The resources within this unit cover a wide range of subject areas, including education, environment, technology, history, law, literature, politics, social care and social sciences.

Free course
3 hrs

Society, Politics & Law 

Think entertainment is violent today? The Victorians were much, much worse

Sweeney Todd vs Grand Theft Auto? Dr Rosalind Crone tells us why they liked a good hanging back in the day. 


Society, Politics & Law 

How did Donald Trump get elected and who does he represent?

OU academics from the Department of Politics and International Studies talk about the how and why of Donald Trump's victory.

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