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Brexiting - Environment

Updated Thursday 25th May 2017

Discover the impact of Brexit on green topics like farming & fishing, renewable energy and climate change, with The Open University's Brexiting Hub.

A concept image for environment. An illustration of pollution coming out of a factory and people coughing, and a woman smiling next to a wind turbine.  Creative commons image Icon The Open University under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license

The views expressed on OpenLearn’s Brexiting Hub are those of their author and not of The Open University. For more information on Brexit, The UK in a Changing Europe is an independent, impartial reference point for expert knowledge on Brexit and UK-EU relations.

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Poverty in Scotland 2014 looks at the September 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum and the different constitutional futures that were then facing the people of Scotland.


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Looking at population data

Tony Hirst and Hans Rosling take us on adventure through population data and what it can tell us.

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Race, ethnicity and crime

This free course, Race, ethnicity and crime, briefly examines the relationships between race and ethnicity, and crime, criminalisation and criminal justice. It considers the relationship between crime and cultural difference; the notion of 'criminalisation' and how its processes affect individuals and their opportunities; and the lived consequences of racialisation. Specifically, you will examine the ways in which these criminalisations which lead to the over-policing, over-incarceration and under-protection of particular populations lie at the heart of critical criminological arguments.

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Phones – crucial to survival for refugees on the perilous route to Europe

Why are smartphones essential to refugees’ journeys? Professor Marie Gillespie explains. 


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