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Updated Thursday 25th May 2017

The Politics of Brexit - explore the polls, the lawsuits and the party infighting with The Open University's Brexiting Hub.

A concept image for politics. An illustration showing a man drowning in post coming through his letter box on a black door, number 10. Two people in red and white are campaigning him. Creative commons image Icon The Open University under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license

The views expressed on OpenLearn’s Brexiting Hub are those of their author and not of The Open University. For more information on Brexit, The UK in a Changing Europe is an independent, impartial reference point for expert knowledge on Brexit and UK-EU relations.

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Brexiting Hub

Britain is currently negotiating its departure from the European Union. The Brexiting Hub is here to help make sense of what this means for the nations, for Europe - and for you.


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