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Brexiting - Politics

Updated Thursday 25th May 2017

The Politics of Brexit - explore the polls, the lawsuits and the party infighting with The Open University's Brexiting Hub.

A concept image for politics. An illustration showing a man drowning in post coming through his letter box on a black door, number 10. Two people in red and white are campaigning him. Creative commons image Icon The Open University under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license

The views expressed on OpenLearn’s Brexiting Hub are those of their author and not of The Open University. For more information on Brexit, The UK in a Changing Europe is an independent, impartial reference point for expert knowledge on Brexit and UK-EU relations.

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Society, Politics & Law 

PodMag December 2016

PodMag is the monthly update of news, views and interviews from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Arts (FASS) at The Open University.

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Social science and participation Copyright free image Icon Copyright free: © shaunl/ free course icon Level 2 icon

Society, Politics & Law 

Social science and participation

This free course, Social science and participation, looks at how social science investigates participation, and uses this topic to look in particular at how social science helps to enact social worlds. As you work through the course, you will see that social science enactment of participation is closely related to social science descriptions of, for example, voting or other citizenly practices, and related also to social science understandings of, for example, just how to define and evaluate poverty.

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Society, Politics & Law 

Sacred and secular: Iain Benson

Recognising differences is one way law and religion can complement eachother, says Professor Iain Benson. 

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Society, Politics & Law 

Introducing research in law and beyond

This free course, Introducing research in law and beyond, is designed to introduce you to the skills required to develop and complete a legal research project. You will learn about the complexities of research, how to identify a research topic, how to conduct a literature review and how to develop research questions. This course also considers the uses and applications of information and data, research methods, the process of analysing information to draw valid conclusions, and explains how to write up a research proposal.

Free course
10 hrs

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