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Brexiting - Politics

Updated Thursday 25th May 2017

The Politics of Brexit - explore the polls, the lawsuits and the party infighting with The Open University's Brexiting Hub.

A concept image for politics. An illustration showing a man drowning in post coming through his letter box on a black door, number 10. Two people in red and white are campaigning him. Creative commons image Icon The Open University under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license

The views expressed on OpenLearn’s Brexiting Hub are those of their author and not of The Open University. For more information on Brexit, The UK in a Changing Europe is an independent, impartial reference point for expert knowledge on Brexit and UK-EU relations.

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Society, Politics & Law 

Judges and the law

How do judges make law? This free course, Judges and the law, will examine how the common law system works, the differences between 'civil code' and 'common law' systems, and the advantages and disadvantages of the common law system. The role of the judiciary in the law-making process is explored by examining the origins of common law, the system of precedent and the rules of statutory interpretation.

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Society, Politics & Law 

Brexiting - Environment

Discover the impact of Brexit on green topics like farming & fishing, renewable energy and climate change, with The Open University's Brexiting Hub.


Society, Politics & Law 

Banking crimes without end

Has the UK financial sector become the 'serial offender' of corporate crimes with mis-selling of products like PPI and pensions? 


Society, Politics & Law 

Immigration detention: what's the problem with privatisation?

Who's profitting from the misery of the detainees? This article questions the issue of privatisation in Immigration Removal Centres.


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