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Lord David Puttnam on New Media Opportunities: Track 1

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In this wide-ranging and provocative interview, David Puttnam spells out the impact that digitisation will have on both traditional TV broadcasters and on specialist providers such as the OU. Essentially, viewers will be able not only to control what they see amd when they want it, but also use technology to interact with the content in exciting new ways. This trend towards ‘narrowcasting’ rather than ‘broadcasting’ could be very good news for the OU, providing they choose delivery partners with the same strategic public service objectives, endeavour to make their content more relevant, and embrace innovative new approaches to learning.

By: The iTunes U team (Programme and web teams)

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Track 1: Lord Puttnam on New Media

Lord Puttnam talks new opportunities in broadcasting and education

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Tracks in this podcast:

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1 Lord Puttnam on New Media    Lord Puttnam talks new opportunities in broadcasting and education Play now Lord Puttnam on New Media

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