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Parents and toddlers: Teaching and learning at home

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How do young children learn? This free course, Parents and toddlers: Teaching and learning at home, looks at the way toddlers interact with their carers in the home environment. You will learn how adults use different methods of teaching to encourage a small child to expand their boundaries and develop new ways of thinking.

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • discuss how children's early experiences with their parents/caregivers, siblings and peers contribute to the learning of new skills and problem-solving techniques
  • understand how parents/caregivers use talk and play in informal teaching and learning exchanges with toddlers and young children to communicate social and cultural practices
  • understand key psychological and educational theories and concepts relating to children's social development and mental growth
  • appreciate the features of effective teaching used by parents and other adults in informal learning settings such as the home
  • appreciate why researchers rely on detailed observation of video-data to develop an understanding of the psychological processes that take place during teaching and learning interactions between young children and their parents/caregivers.

By: The Open University

  • Duration 20 hours
  • Updated Wednesday 17th February 2016
  • Advanced level
  • Posted under Educational Practice
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Parents and toddlers: teaching and learning at home


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This course looks at how parents encourage the development of new skills in their children in the informal setting of the home. The use of video observation of small children by psychologists is analysed and some of the key concepts in developmental psychology that explain teaching and learning interactions between parents/caregivers and their children are explained.

This OpenLearn course provides a sample of postgraduate study in Education, Childhood & Youth qualifications. [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)]

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