Extending and developing your thinking skills
Extending and developing your thinking skills

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Extending and developing your thinking skills

Further reading

de Bono's Thinking Course by Edward de Bono, published by BBC Books, 1999; An interesting general consideration of thinking skills with tools and techniques for developing thinking in a general way.
Use Your Head by Tony Buzan, published by BBC Books, 1995; Lots of useful information on how to make the most of your brainpower.
The Mindmap Book by Tony Buzan, published by BBC Books, 1997; A whole text specifically on the technique of mind-mapping and its applications.
Reading, Writing and Reasoning. A Guide for Students by J. Fairbairn and C. Winch, published by Open University Press, 1998; Contains good material on academic reasoning and argument.
Clear Thinking by J. Inglis and R. Lewis, published by National Extension College/CollinsEducational, 1993; Contains some excellent material on academic argument.
The Scientific Endeavour a Primer on Scientific Principles and Practice by J. A. Lee, published by Adison Wesley Longman, Inc., 2000; A book about science that contains an excellent section on critical thinking in a scientific context.

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