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Open education

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Open education

6 Operating in an open world

6.1 Week 6 Introduction

This week you will explore the types of technology used in open education, and why they have been adopted.

What to expect this week

The focus of this week is to really consider what it means to operate in an open context as an educator and a learner.

Firstly you will look at the issue of technological determinism and the significance of technology and pedagogy. This is a very large, contentious topic which we only begin to address here, but in areas such as open education, where technology is influencing practice, it is important to consider the interplay between the two.

There are then two quite sizeable activities which relate to this. The first is to consider what technologies are significant for open education. Your focus here should be on the open part of education in particular, and not just education in general.

The next activity is to think of the learner perspective and consider what skills, or literacies, are important for an open learner. Again the emphasis is on someone operating in this open context, rather than all learners.


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