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OpenLearn Scotland

Updated Wednesday 4th March 2015

This OpenLearn Scotland course serves as a gateway to over 30 units that have been specifically developed to reflect the enormous interest in Scottish culture and society.

Image of the forth bridge

OpenLearn Scotland serves as a gateway to a range of courses which have been specifically collected and developed to reflect the enormous interest in Scottish culture and society.

You can study the OpenLearn Scotland collection in full or select topics of interest to you:

  • The Scottish environment and technology
  • Great Scots
  • Scottish history
  • Scottish literature
  • Politics and society in Scotland
  • Education in Scotland
  • Law in Scotland
  • Social care in Scotland
Further resources on OpenLearn with Scotland-specific content range from Being a nation, becoming a state (10 mins) right through to the 10 hour course An introduction to law in contemporary Scotland which explores the legal history of Scotland, its Parliament and its relationship with the UK Parliament.

This is part of a collection to accompany The Open University in Scotland's Open Pathways to Higher Education.


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