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Updated Tuesday 11th May 2004

We consider the various careers that are available in education, and look at the routes into teaching

Could you be a teacher? Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Used with permission Teaching is like no other job. It is as inspiring, challenging and unique as each child you teach. It's a career that genuinely does make a difference. There are different ways to train to be a teacher. Whether you are an 18 year-old school-leaver, a parent with young children or someone wanting to change careers to something more rewarding and worthwhile, there are routes into teaching that may be suitable for you.

You can take an undergraduate course at university or, if you are already a graduate, a one-year postgraduate course. You can study full-time, part-time or take a flexible course, which allows you to train when it suits you best. You can even learn on the job and get paid while you train. There are special courses for graduates who want to make fast progress in their careers. If you have been inspired to consider a career in teaching after watching this documentary, visit or call the Teaching Information Line to talk to a consultant on 0800 389 2500.

Or, for relevant courses offered by the OU visit the Education, Health and Welfare broad career area of the OU's Career Planning website.

While often the first thoughts when considering careers in education are those of the figure at the front of the class, as with any field, for every frontline position there are dozens of people working in support and supplemental roles.

Careers within the education sector cover a wide range of skills such as human resources, administration, advice and guidance, finance, catering and facilities management. For further information visit OU Study and Your Career, part of the Open University Career Planning website.

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