Badged courses

Badged courses

A growing selection of our courses allow you to display and share your learning achievements by gaining a free Open University digital badge as well as a statement of participation. Badges demonstrate your interest in a subject, evidence of continuing professional development or a commitment to your studies.

Award winning badged courses. The team at The Open University who produce these courses were finalists in The Times Higher Education Awards 2015 for 'Outreach project of the year' and Winner of the Open Education Consortium Creative Innovation Award in 2016.

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Earning and sharing your badge

A free Open University open digital badge is awarded for completing all sections of a course and passing the assessments. You can share your badge on social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Twitter or upload to your favourite badge or eportfolio platform. It also appears on your statement of participation and in your Open University My OpenLearn Profile.

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Succeed with learning Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: EBLokhina/ free course icon Level 1 icon Badge icon

Education & Development 

Succeed with learning

Succeed with learning is a free, introductory course for people who want to feel more confident about their learning skills. Informal in approach, the course builds on each person's own qualities, knowledge and skills to develop a deeper understanding of the nature of learning and of their own potential. It introduces some core ideas about learning and academic study, and some planning tools to enable participants to take their next step with confidence.

Free course
24 hrs
Succeed with maths – Part 2 Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: Stuart Miles at free course icon Level 1 icon Badge icon

Science, Maths & Technology 

Succeed with maths – Part 2

This free course, Succeed with maths Part 2, is a sequel to Part 1, in which you will continue to develop your mathematical knowledge and skills using everyday examples. The course takes a look at measurement of length, mass and volume, negative numbers and how to use these, scientific notation (based upon powers of 10), shapes and how to calculate their properties before finally turning to how to construct and read from tables, charts and graphs. It provides a solid foundation for you to continue with studies in any subject which requires some degree of mathematical knowledge.

Free course
24 hrs
Facilitating learning in practice Copyrighted image Icon Copyright: free course icon Level 2 icon Badge icon

Health, Sports & Psychology 

Facilitating learning in practice

Are you interested in mentorship or looking to develop your mentorship skills? In particular, are you involved in nurse mentorship? If so, then this free course, Facilitating learning in practice, is for you. This badged OpenLearn course explores the principles and best practices underpinning mentorship. The authors draw on their experience in nursing to help you develop your knowledge, understanding and skills of mentorship practice that can be applied to many workplace environments.

Free course
24 hrs
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