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Meeting minority needs


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This unit will help you understand how it is possible to meet the needs of a particular minority community – the Chinese who live in Northern Ireland. The audio clips will give you an opportunity to listen to some first hand experiences and discover some of the problems that this community are facing. You will also hear about the needs of the community in terms of care and support, particularly in terms of meeting the needs of older Chinese inhabitants.

The audio file was recorded in 2000.

Participants in the audio programme:

  • Helen Robinson is the presenter;

  • Anna Watson is the director of the Chinese Welfare Association, Northern Ireland;

  • Lily Braid is a member of the Chinese Welfare Association, Northern Ireland;

  • Al is a member of a Chinese family in Northern Ireland. Al requested that a pseudonym be used for him to protect his family's privacy.

This material is from our archive and is an adapted extract from Care, welfare and community (K202) which is no longer taught by The Open University. If you want to study formally with us, you may wish to explore other courses we offer in this subject area [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] .