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Debate: Equals

Updated Friday 19th June 2009

The forum visitor "allmenandwomenRuseless" issued a call to equal arms

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I think men and women should strive for sexual equality and hermaphrodites should strive for sexual inequality

Nature hasn't got the first idea of how to set things up to establish a balanced, harmonious society.

Humans are much more experienced at how to be human than nature will ever be.

It's a virtual miracle that the human race lasted as long as it did before humans eventually realised that nature has been doing things wrong all along.

Lucky for nature and the rest of the world that humans are still prepared and willing to continue the drawn out process of correcting all of natures mistakes.

One day a male lion is going to find itself in a very different place because the whole male dominance thing is totally not the way forward and the sooner Simba comes to terms with that the quicker the pride can become disfunctional


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