The Story of Wales: Get your free Icons of Wales booklet

Order your free Icons of Wales booklet and celebrate 11 prominent figures in Welsh history—then vote for who you think should be the 12th icon

By: The OpenLearn team (Programme and web teams)

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Front cover of the BBC/OU 'Icons of Wales' booklet Copyrighted image Copyright: OU/BBC Get your free Icons of Wales booklet

On the eve of the First World War, it was decided that the new Cardiff City Hall would house the ‘Welsh Historical Sculpture’, a hall of fame celebrating eleven prominent figures in the nation’s history. The Open University booklet ‘Icons of Wales’, which complements the major BBC TV series The Story of Wales, examines the history of the people of Wales through the eleven City Hall ‘icons’ and why they were chosen.

Request your free copy of Icons of Wales or download a PDF. If you experience any difficulties ordering online, you can also call 0845 366 0253.

Once you've read the booklet, you have a chance to tell us who should be the 12th ‘icon’. Who’s missing from the City Hall icons? Which figures from the last 100 years or so would deserve a place in a virtual hall of fame? Who represents modern Wales, to sit alongside the early and medieval figures already present? Cast your vote for the missing Icon of Wales.

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