Debate: Historical ironies

Forum guest Ironaxe suggested a thread about the surprising corners turned by history

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Which historical facts and myths do you consider being the oddest and/or most ironic?

A few that occurred to me included;

John Wayne and Errol Flynn- both such popular screen warriors/adventurers- never served in the armed forces.

Alfred Nobel - he of the Nobel Peace Prize fame- having also invented dynamite?

The two alledged anti-Christs, Hitler and Napoleon, neither being from the countries that they respectively led?

The multitude of incredible links between the lives, careers and assassinations of Presidents Kennedy and Lincoln?

Hitler, perhaps the worst and bloodiest tyrant in history, being a vegetarian teetotaller?

Jesus Christ being a peaceful man and carpenter by trade, and then being nailed to a wooden instrument of punishment and death?

Billions of people have and do worship Christ- yet only two of the four authors of the gospels ever met him (Matthew & John) although all four wrote within five decades after his death in ad33, which most of the bible was not.

Which other famous examples are there?

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