Track 1: The Arts Past and Present: Ireland

A short introduction to this album.

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 The Arts Past and Present: Ireland    A short introduction to this album. Play now The Arts Past and Present: Ireland
2 Attitudes to architectural heritage    How Ireland's built heritage is being rapidly reshaped. Play now Attitudes to architectural heritage
3 Rebuilding after the rebellion    How the new government abandoned certain buildings but chose to preserve others after the rebellion and the civil war. Play now Rebuilding after the rebellion
4 Ancient heritage    How the Irish free state restored ancient sites to consciously reconnect with a more glorious past. Play now Ancient heritage
5 Nineteenth century romantic reinvention    How nationalists were quick to see the power of cultural symbols for political ends. Play now Nineteenth century romantic reinvention
6 Cashel Castle, Tipperary    The ancient monuments at Cashel provide a sense of a romantic past without oppressors. Play now Cashel Castle, Tipperary
7 The fate of country houses    Why the big estates symbolised the old regime, and so were burned, stripped and redistributed. Play now The fate of country houses
8 Castletown House    Appreciating the stately home as a monument to Irish craftsmanship and acheivement. Play now Castletown House
9 Changing attitudes to restoration    St Mary's church becomes a trendy bar: how Ireland has moved on. Play now Changing attitudes to restoration
10 Unravelling the issues    Anne Laurence, a History Professor at Open University, explains the significance of Ireland's built heritage to the reconstruction of its national identity. Play now Unravelling the issues