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The Open University Contributors

Profile: Rosemarie McIlwhan Copyrighted image Credit: Rosemarie McIlwahn

Rosemarie McIlwhan

Law School, The Open University

A Lecturer in Law, Rosemarie's core research interest is human rights and equality (domestic and international). Within this she is particularly interested in sectarianism; refugee and asylum law; and ethics. 

Published 07 August 2014: Being a nation, becoming a state
Profile: Jonathan Winship Creative commons image Credit: The Open University

Jonathan Winship

Department for Accounting and Finance, The Open University

Jonathan is a lecturer in Accounting and Finance at the Open University Business School. His main research interests are in accounting education and the influence of neoclassical economics on the accounting profession. 

Profile: Bernie Clark Copyrighted image Credit: The Open University / Karen Parker

Bernie Clark

Faculty of Mathematics, Computing and Technology, The Open University

Senior Lecturer in the Department of Communication and Systems and currently the Faculty's Associate Dean for External Relations and Partnerships.  

Published 18 August 2014: Materials: Sustainability and structure
Profile: Dr Dave MGarvie Copyrighted image Credit: Dave McGarvie

Dr Dave MGarvie

Department of Environment, Earth and Ecosystems, The Open University

Senior Lecturer with the Volcano Dynamics Group, Department of Environment, Earth and Ecosystems. Science Staff Tutor working at the OU's national centre in Edinburgh.

Profile: Professor Mike Stewart Copyrighted image Credit: Mike Stewart

Professor Mike Stewart

Science faculty, The Open University

Mike Stewart is a Professor of Neuroscience in the Department of Life, Health and Chemical Sciences at the Open University. His current research interest involves investigations of the morphological basis of synaptic plasticity and neurodegeneration in the mammalian hippocampus.  Mike was Chair of the local organising committee for the Federation of European Neuroscience (FENS) Committee Millennium Meeting (Brighton UK). He is a member of the EDAB (European Dana Alliance) and was a member of the FENS school committee. He is currently Treasurer elect of FENS.

Published 08 October 2014: Explainer: What happens in the hippocampus?
Profile: Fernando Rosell-Aguilar Copyrighted image Credit: Fernando Rosell-Aguilar

Fernando Rosell-Aguilar

Faculty of Education and Language Studies, The Open University

Lecturer in languages, Department of Languages. Member of Language Studies Programme Committee with ICT expertise. Coordinator of iTunes U content for the Department of Languages.

Profile: Rose Capdevila Copyrighted image Credit: The Open University

Rose Capdevila

Department of Psychology, The Open University

Dr Rose Capdevila is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology. Her research focuses on the construction and transgression of discursive boundaries around identity - in particular political and gender identities. She is also interested in the role and politics of methodology in psychology.

Published 08 December 2014: Investigating Psychology
Profile: Candice Lingam-Willgoss Copyrighted image Credit: Candice Lingam-Willgoss

Candice Lingam-Willgoss

Faculty of Education and Language Studies, The Open University

Candice joined the Sport and Fitness team at the end of 2013 having worked as an Associate Lecturer for the Open University since 2010.  Prior to working for the Open University she was based at Southampton University where she was the Assistant Programme Director for Sport.

Published 13 June 2014: World Cup weight of expectation