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Why study languages?


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In this unit, you will explore how learning languages and finding out about other countries can be both useful and fun. You do not need any knowledge of foreign languages in order to begin.

There are ten sections. You can choose which ones you want to study and you can work through them in any order.

  • Section 1: Careers in languages – some ways you can use the ability to speak other languages in a job or a career.

  • Section 2: Languages and the work environment – an exercise in doing business in a foreign country and a foreign language.

  • Section 3: Studying languages – what it would be like to continue to study languages after compulsory education.

  • Section 4: Language study skills – how to improve your writing and speaking language skills.

  • Section 5: Language and culture – ideas for three short plays or sketches.

  • Section 6: International Christmas – an exploration of the many and different Christmas traditions around the world, as an example of the connections between language and culture.

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