Copyrighted image Credit: BBC In this two-part series Professor Jim Al-Khalili will present a thought-provoking account of our quest to discover, understand and manipulate light and dark.

A landscape filled with mountains. The stars in the night sky. The face of a loved one. Everything you see around you is the result of light.

But for our familiar world to exist, almost all the universe has to be dark.

The series will reveal how light has historically been used to make breakthrough discoveries about our place in the cosmos, and that what the human eye can see is only a fraction of the vast amount of matter and energy that exists: our best estimate is that more than 96% of the universe is hidden in the dark.

Light and Dark on BBC Four

You can watch episode 1 on Monday 18 November 2013 at 9pm on BBC Four. The second episode follows a week later. More information about each episode will appear below.