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What do we mean when we say globalisation? Does the growth of globalisation hinder or benefit mankind? It’s a common assumption that countries globalise but in fact it’s not nations themselves but rather the Industries and companies that trade within and outside their borders. As new forms of technology emerge and organisations expand they erode traditional boundaries and in recent times there has been a rise in interconnectedness of markets across the world. In the following audio tracks Susan Segal Horn (Emerita Professor of International Strategy) explains how globalisation increases the Integration of economic activities across boarders as a result how nations become interdependent on and other. This material forms part of the Open University course B835 The dynamics of strategy

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  • Updated Wednesday 12th December 2012
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Track 1: Understanding Globalisation

Susan Segal Horn explains why the word ‘Globalisation’ is misused

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Understanding Globalisation    Susan Segal Horn explains why the word ‘Globalisation’ is misused Play now Understanding Globalisation
2 Cultural Homogenisation    Susan Segal Horn explains how national cultures are becoming less different Play now Cultural Homogenisation
3 Technical developments    Technological developments and change operate beyond national borders Play now Technical developments
4 Is globalisation a good or bad thing?    Susan Segal Horn weighs up the Pros and Cons of Globalisation? Play now Is globalisation a good or bad thing?
5 Is globalisation inevitable?    Susan Segal explains why she believes that globalisation isn’t inevitable Play now Is globalisation inevitable?

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