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Following the work across borders: How leisure and security are part of the new offshoring

Updated 09 Jun 2014
Once offshoring was restricted to manufacturing and call centre jobs - but now other chunks of the nation's economy are being sent overseas.

Managing a team through triumph and despair

Introductory level Duration Updated 16 May 2014
In sport, how does a manager help their team to cope with success and particular failure? Simon Rea explores some of the tactics.

Smoking out the tobacco industry

Updated 11 Apr 2014
With plain packaging now looking a certainty, experts from the OU's Institute for Social Marketing explore the future for the UK tobacco industry.

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The business of football

The business of football
Introductory level Duration Updated 09 Jul 2014
Welcome to this free new OpenLearn course produced by The Open University working in partnership with The Football League Trust. If you are...

Marketing communications as a strategic function

Marketing communications as a strategic function
Masters level Duration Updated 11 Dec 2013
Marketing communications help to define an orgaisation's relationship with its customers. This unit emphasises the strategic importance of such...

Entrepreneurial behaviour

Entrepreneurial behaviour
Advanced level Duration Updated 10 Dec 2013
Have you ever wanted to start your own business? This unit will give you the opportunity to consider and reflect on the personal aspects involved...