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Environmental factors and organisations

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The interactions of business with the non-commercial environment are under increasing scrutiny. This free course, Environmental factors and organisations, looks at the relationships between business and social and ecological environments, often referred to under the umbrella term of Corporate Social Responsibility. The course examines efforts to reconcile what often look to be competing demands by moving towards a more ethical environment.

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • understand the need for organisations to acknowledge the influence of their environments
  • understand the impact organisations have on those environments.

By: The Open University

  • Duration 6 hours
  • Updated Thursday 11th February 2016
  • Advanced level
  • Posted under Business Studies
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Environmental factors and organisations


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‘Environment’ is one of the more popular words in the management lexicon, most generally understood to be referring to ‘something outside’. But common usage today often interprets the Environment (with or without the capital ‘E’) as referring to the planetary ecosystem. On that basis the Environment includes such things as global warming, the state of the ozone layer, deforestation and the means of energy generation. Organisations need to coexist with their environment, responding to that which they experience from it and being responsible for that which they export into it. This course will focus upon the interactions between the commercial environment and the green environment, looking at attempts to reconcile the two by moving towards a more ethical environment.

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