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Implementing the project

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Day-to-day monitoring of a project is essential to ensure that work is progressing according to the plan, and it will often be necessary to review and revise the plan as circumstances change. This free course, Implementing the project, will introduce some of the key techniques that help managers to monitor and control projects, and consider what approaches work best in particular circumstances.

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • contribute to the implementation of project activities
  • monitor, and recommend adjustments to activities, resources and plans
  • maintain communications with project stakeholders
  • contribute to developing solutions to project problems.

By: The Open University

  • Duration 8 hours
  • Updated Thursday 11th February 2016
  • Advanced level
  • Posted under Business Studies
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Implementing the project


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The focus of this course is on implementing a project. The first part considers how the activities of a project start. Although planning and action run side by side, it is often difficult to initiate action to progress the first tasks. Once things start to happen, the project enters a new stage. Management of the project changes, from stimulating the initial action to monitoring and reviewing it in order to control the project's progress. Control systems are essential in managing a project of any size, to ensure that the project achieves its intended outcomes. It is very rare for a project to run smoothly, however, and anyone managing a project can expect to have to keep up the momentum and to solve problems that arise. Good communications contribute a great deal to the process, and help all the stakeholders in developing a shared understanding of how the project is progressing. This course addresses each of these considerations in turn.

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