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The challenge of being a manager and a leader

The challenge of being a manager and a leader Creative commons image Credit: Alex Proimos under CC-BY-NC licence
Introductory level Duration 10 mins Updated 15 Aug 2014
Slashing his own salary in order to give his minimum-wage employees a raise has divided public opinion on one American university president. Is...

Camelford case study

Featuring: VideoVideo
Camelford case study Creative commons image Credit: Roger A Smith under CC-BY-SA licence
Introductory level Duration 30 mins Updated 19 Sep 2013
How did clear thought help during the water contamination disaster at Camelford?

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Creativity and innovation

Free CourseFree Course Featuring: VideoVideo AudioAudio
Creativity and innovation Copyrighted image Credit: © Stock Connection/Jupiterimages UK Ltd
Masters level Duration 6 hours Updated 04 Jun 2014
This unit offers an introduction to factors that are important in creativity and innovation at work. It addresses different ideas about the cause...

Marketing in the 21st Century

Free CourseFree Course Featuring: AudioAudio
Marketing in the 21st Century Copyrighted image Credit: © Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. Copyright © Boeing
Masters level Duration 6 hours Updated 10 Feb 2014
This unit offers a managerial perspective of how to deliver more effective marketing in an organisation, regardless of whether it is based in the...

Understanding operations management

Free CourseFree Course
Understanding operations management Copyrighted image Credit: Used with permission
Advanced level Duration 4 hours Updated 17 Oct 2013
Operations management is one of the central functions of all organisations whether producing goods or services, or in the private, public or...