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Managing relationships

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Do you find fundraising difficult? Are others around you making your role as a fundraiser more difficult than it need be? This free course, Managing relationships, will help you to understand your role by analysing a variety of issues about fundraising and the dilemmas and problems that organisations involved in winning resources and support are likely to face.

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • explain where the activities associated with winning resources and support fit into an organisation and its wider context
  • think more critically and creatively in contexts relevant to fundraising and campaigning
  • draw on the concepts of stakeholders and customers in solving problems about professional dilemmas.

By: The Open University

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Managing relationships


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This course focuses on the fundraising role and understanding the organisational relationships that surround it. It assumes that you have some involvement in fundraising, but anybody with a role which faces external customers (such as marketing or public relations) will find parallels with their experience here. Organisations with a dedicated fundraiser or bigger ones with a substantial separate fundraising department may find that tensions and dilemmas emerge around the place of fundraising and its relationship to the wider organisation. These tensions are also likely to be present in smaller organisations – perhaps not so evident as organisational issues, but more ones of role conflict. Teasing out what are effectively organisational tensions is useful in understanding why some aspects of fundraising are difficult to achieve. This course will help you to explain how the activities associated with winning resources and support fit into your own organisation.

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