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Hard Evidence: what do SMEs think about #indyref?

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Hard Evidence: what do SMEs think about #indyref? Creative commons image Credit: Stuart Antony under CC-BY-NC licence New content
Introductory level Duration 10 mins Updated 11 Sep 2014
With banking giant RBS announcing they'd quit an independent Scotland, a recent survey shows the opinion of smaller businesses.

The energy dilemma

The energy dilemma Creative commons image Credit: Lee Haywood under CC BY-SA 2.0 license
Intermediate level Duration 5 mins Updated 26 Aug 2014
How can the Government balance voter and industry expectations of the energy market in the lead up to the next election? 

Small Data: Summer petrol prices

Small Data: Summer petrol prices Creative commons image Credit: Albert Bridge under CC-BY-SA licence
Updated 01 Aug 2014
It's August - and many families will be heading off soon on summer holidays. But how has the cost of petrol changed over the last ten years?