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'Good' food destroying biodiversity?

'Good' food destroying biodiversity? Creative commons image Credit: nic0 under CC-BY-NC-SA licence
Introductory level Updated 21 May 2013
On International Day for Biodiversity (22 May 2013), maybe it's time you considered the impact of the production of ‘good’ food on...

Tracking a group of bonobos

Featuring: AudioAudio
Tracking a group of bonobos Creative commons image Credit: Work found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonobo / CC BY-SA 3.0
Introductory level Duration 15 mins Updated 18 Feb 2013
Theo Webb and Gottfried Hohmann track a group of bonobos in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Tracking bats by Blagdon Lake

Featuring: AudioAudio
Tracking bats by Blagdon Lake Copyrighted image Credit: Nigel Milbourne
Introductory level Duration 5 mins Updated 30 Oct 2012
Daniel Hargreaves takes the Saving Species team for a nighttime visit to the bats of Blagdon.