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Weaver bird nests

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Weaver bird nests Creative commons image Credit: The Open University New content
Updated 21 Oct 2014
Dr Dieter Oschadleus explains how and why weaver birds build their nests the way they do.

Top predators and ecosystems

Top predators and ecosystems Copyrighted image Credit: Aleksandrn | Dreamstime.com
Updated 10 Dec 2013
Ecosystems may not be as simple as you think. Find out what happens when a top predator is removed from one. 

Biodiversity in urban habitats

Featuring: AudioAudio
Biodiversity in urban habitats Copyrighted image Credit: Paul Cecil
Introductory level Duration 15 mins Updated 15 Jul 2013
Chris Baines and Kate Henderson discuss urban ecosystems in this interview from Radio 4's Shared Planet.