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McNamara's story

Updated Thursday 2nd September 2010

 Explore the personal side of climate change with McNamara's diary entry.

Name: McNamara
Role: Member of PWSANZ

What first triggered your interest in environmental issues?

In my 85th year, I prefer to grow my own vegetables, and in that manner I KNOW what is in the soil.

Even these white boxes (foam) from the markets or supermarkets can be filled with good soil, and plant veggies in those, and they grow extremely well.

One can use same for spinach, or similar is good, beetroot and so many other things it saves money as well as eating something which you yourself grew. It gives one a great feeling, when a visitor says, "These veggies are grand - from where do you get them?" When the answer comes from "Out of my garden." It gives one a feeling of joy. You do not need a large garden (as I have a large yard) but the boxes do NOT take up much room, and surely folk have at least SOME room for these boxes. So enjoy your garden, please.

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