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Alex Stonell's story

Updated Thursday 29th July 2010

Explore the personal side of climate change with Alex Stonell's diary entry.

Name: Alex Stonell

What first triggered your interest in environmental issues?

In the late 70's I became aware of conservation issues when reading Gerald Durrell and Jacque Cousteau. Later this interest expanded into marine biology when looking at human impact on the environment - and my interest has grown from there!

What are you working on, concerned by, or motivated by at the moment?

I have found that I am more and more pre-occupied with the ethical issues that business and governments do (or will have to) face in the future if our planet is to survive - in whatever 'new' way that may be.

What do you anticipate working on, or thinking about, in relation to environmental issues over the next 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years?

Over the next year I will be concentrating on my OU work, then hoping to move to a more sustainable lifestyle in about 5 years time. From then on will depend on the influence of my OU course and what journey opens up to me.

How optimistic or pessimistic are you as you look at where we might be in 2020, and why?

I feel that we have to accept things have changed; whatever we do. However we have the opportunity of foresight and scientific knowledge to now plan ahead and work on creating a blue print for a sustainable future. It will mean some fundamental changes will be needed in both ethical and economical thinking - that will be the challenge. Not the willingness of so many to change.

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