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Greening The Net: Introduction

Updated Tuesday 6th June 2006

International environmental organisations are using the Internet to connect their members across the world and to co-ordinate their campaigns

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Their focus is not only on environmental issues, but also those of social welfare and debt. We have seen their protests at meetings of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), which reduces trade barriers and promotes free trade between countries; the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which loans money to countries in crisis; and the World Bank, which gives long term loans for mostly large scale developments.

Friends of the Earth are an environmental movement who shy away from the headline grabbing, violent protests seen at occasions such as the May Day protest marches, preferring instead to get their message across using a network of local groups. They are the largest international network of environmental groups in the world, represented in 68 countries. So how do they use the Internet to communicate and co-ordinate their campaigns across all 250 communities in the United Kingdom? We invited Ian Willmore from Friends of the Earth for an interview, to find out...


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