Succeed with learning
Succeed with learning

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Succeed with learning

Week 3: Learning about yourself


This week is all about you. Learning is an individual experience which is different for each person, depending on the qualities, knowledge and skills they have already developed. So it is important to take an audit of where you are at now, before you move forward.

Week 3 of Succeed with learning focuses in turn on qualities, knowledge and then skills, encouraging you to think about what the words mean and what the unique blend is that makes you who you are today.

Watch the following video of Jonathan introducing Week 3:

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Jonathan Hughes
Welcome to Week 3, Learning about yourself.
The big idea in Week 3 is that every one of us has a unique blend of skills, qualities and knowledge.
Now, if you could become more self aware of what your unique blend is, that will help you understand better what sort of learning suits you best. This part of the course encourages you to build on your experience. By doing that you will be in a far better position to make informed choices and to use those choices as the basis for the changes you want to make.
In Week 3 you'll find a lot of activities that encourage you to make positive assumptions about yourself. That will increase your level of confidence and it will also make you appreciate better that your unique blend of qualities, skills and knowledge is worth nurturing and developing. As an added bonus, if you believe that then other people are far more likely to. So, what are your qualities, knowledge and experience?
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After this week you will:

  • have identified your current qualities, knowledge and skills
  • understand the idea of ‘transferable’ skills
  • understand the breadth of skills included in the term ‘communication skills’
  • learned about ‘netiquette’.

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