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Succeed with learning

Week 5: Learning tool kit


This week the course will provide you with a selection of learning tools that are particularly useful for academic study. As well as core tools like effective note-taking and reading skills, the Succeed with learning tool kit also includes using mind maps for study, using online information and an introduction to academic referencing.

These topics are introduced fairly briefly, simply so that you are aware of what they mean and how they can be used. You will then be able to explore them further and apply them more fully in any future courses you may choose to study.

Jonathan introduces Week 5 in the following video:

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Jonathan Hughes
Welcome to Week 5, Learning tool kit.
In this course so far you’ve been focused on looking at your own unique blend of knowledge, skills and qualities. In this week the course focuses on adding new tools and skills to your personal tool kit. These include reading for a purpose, effective note-taking, referencing and essay writing. You will also have an opportunity to have a go at a tool you may have come across, that’s mind mapping.
Now, these are mainly academic skills, but don’t let that word academic put you off. Like any other skill they come along with practice and nobody feels that confident to start with.
So, use this week to find out about these new skills and start practising.
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After this week you will:

  • have started to build a learning tool kit
  • understand what is meant by the term ‘academic skills’
  • be able to use mind maps for your learning and planning
  • understand how to use PROMPT to check online information.

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