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Succeed with learning

2.2 Using mind mapping as a first stage for writing

Mind mapping can just stand alone, but it is often used as a first stage for letting your ideas run freely before putting them into some kind of structure – such as a more formal piece of writing.

There is often a second stage after mind mapping, which involves selecting the best parts of your mind map – or the ones most relevant for a piece of writing – and putting these down in more structured notes. This process can improve your note-taking skills too.

One way to do this is to circle or highlight the most relevant parts of the mind map for the piece of writing you have in mind. Then think about how they could relate to each other. The final stage is to put them in a logical order in note form, maybe using headings and bullet-points as this course does in places.

You could also practise doing this as a way of reflecting on what you have learned each week.


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