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Succeed with learning

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Succeed with learning

3.1 Case study 1: Mike’s story

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Figure 2 Mike

Mike has been working for a long time in a job that he hates. During a well-earned holiday with a group of friends, he ends up cooking all the meals and getting lots of compliments, along with questions about why he is not a chef.

These responses really get him thinking about how much he loves cooking. It is something he learned from his mother, but he has been developing his own ideas for some time. Mike begins to ask himself whether he could be a chef. It may not pay any more money than his current job and the hours can be difficult, but at least he would be happy doing it; he would not be constantly watching the clock like he does now – waiting for work to end and real life to begin.

Mike's vision

Mike’s five-year vision focused on the type of restaurant he would like to work in – whether it will be big or small, the type of cuisine, which kind of clientele, urban or rural, and so on.

He has always been an outgoing, sociable person, so he does not foresee any need to focus on other elements – if he has to move away from his current circle of friends, he is sure he will make new ones and that the old ones will still visit.


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