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Succeed with learning

3.2 Case study 2: Charity’s story

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Figure 3 Charity

Charity has recently moved to a new area and spent her first six months getting her two older children settled into school and after-school activities. Her youngest has just started nursery school and Charity is eager to have some time to herself.

She is beginning to realise that one consequence of devoting time to her children is that she has avoided making decisions about her own life. She recently joined the local-history society in her new town, as history was her favourite subject at school, but was so shy at the first meeting that she felt overwhelmed. She has decided it is time she did something positive toward developing her self-image and self-confidence.

Charity's vision

Charity knows that eventually she will need to get a job to boost the family finances, but she cannot focus on that now. Her five-year vision is being a self-confident person, able to hold her own in conversation; to hold opinions about things that are important to her and not be afraid to debate other points of view; and to have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances with whom she feels comfortable to engage in such discussions.

A real fairy godmother gift would be to have the nerve to stand up in front of an audience to give a talk. She knows this is important in a lot of jobs these days.

Whilst Mike’s vision is more clearly work-orientated, did you notice that Charity’s vision involves developing a transferable skill – communication? As you know, this is a skill that would be very useful in many aspects of life.


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