The autistic spectrum: From theory to practice Psychology Most of us have a very vague and narrow concept of what autism is, based mainly on such stereotypes as Dustin Hoffman's character in the film Rain Man. In this free course, The autistic spectrum: From theory to practice, you will discover that there is a wide spectrum of disorders associated with autism, and an equally wide range of approaches to diagnosis and treatment. PLEASE NOTE: this course was written over ten years ago. The material comes from a ‘classic’ perspective which does not take sufficient account of relatively recent developments, and especially the Neurodiversity perspective. The Open University currently offers a much more up-to-date introduction to the field – a 20 week undergraduate course called ‘Understanding the Autism Spectrum'. This course obviously does present scientific findings, but balances this with more discussion of neurodiversity, and other topical issues such as autism across cultures, and differences in autism between men and women. There is a greater and more up to date range of personal testimonies, including video clips and an hour’s interview with Dr Wendy (now Wenn) Lawson, recorded specially for the OU. This OpenLearn course will itself complete its life cycle in 2018. Meanwhile, there will shortly be a brand new free OpenLearn course – Understanding autism – comprising 8 weeks of study of a range of up to date materials. Personal accounts, including recently recorded interview material play an important role in this new course. Visit our ‘coming soon’ page for more information: The Open University The Open University Course text/html DSE232_1 DSE232_1 en-GB Copyright © 2016 The Open University Archive