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Profile: Professor Andy Lane

Professor Andy Lane

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Profile: Professor Andy Lane

Professor Andy Lane

About me

Andy is Professor of Environmental Systems at The Open University, and was the founding Director of OpenLearn (2006-09).

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Professor Andy Lane's research

S. M. Oreszczyn and Professor Andy Lane (2017-09-06) Mapping environmental sustainability: Reflecting on systemic practices for participatory research, Policy Press

Professor Simon Bell et al. (2017) Teaching Environmental Management Competencies Online: Towards “Authentic” Collaboration?, In European Journal of Open, Distance and e-Learning 1(20)

Professor Andy Lane (2016-12-19) Emancipation through Open Education: Rhetoric or Reality?, Open Book Publishers

Professor Andy Lane (2016-08-01) Systems diagramming and modelling, Nova Science Publishers

Christine Blackmore et al. (2015-04) Embedding sustainability through systems thinking in practice: some experiences from the Open University, In Education for Sustainability in Higher Education: Prospects and Achievements Conference 8, Pedagogic Research Institute and Observatory (PedRIO)

Sally P. Caird et al. (2015) Design of higher education teaching models and carbon impacts, In International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education 1(16)

Sally P. Caird and Professor Andy Lane (2015) Conceptualising the role of Information and Communication Technologies in the design of higher education teaching models used in the UK, In British Journal of Educational Technology 1(46)

Sally P. Caird, Edward Swithenby and Professor Andy Lane (2015) The SusTEACH Methodology: Assessment of the environmental impacts of Higher Education Teaching Models and development of an Environmental Appraisal toolkit, The Open University

Professor Andy Lane, Anna Comas-Quinn and Simon Thomson (2014-12) Inclusion in, and exclusion from, open education communities, In Journal of Interactive Media in Education 2(2014)

Professor Andy Lane (2014-12) Placing students at the heart of the iron triangle and the interaction equivalence theorem models, In Journal of Interactive Media in Education 2(2014)

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